2002  Gavin Industries officially opened by Gavin Huang and Amanda Huang, founder.

Between 2002 and 2008 officially engaged in trade in both Japan and Germany.

Gavin Industries experiences rapid company growth distributing home appliances and auto parts.

Developed steady and successful business relationships with KITAKO of Japan and Louis of Germany.

Due to rising international demand for better technological processes and manufacturing methods,

Gavin Industries adapts to incorporate lost foam casting (LFC) technology as the main method of production.

During this time, little is known about aluminum LFC technology.

Gaining interest in the US and Germany, companies such as GM and BMW begin their own research and development in aluminum LFC technology.

This advancement in aluminum LFC technological research spearheads our own desire to master key automation in LFC’s in 2006.

Investment into our own in-house R&D allows us to create unique mold design, manufacturing, technology, and sourcing of raw materials in 2008.

Today, we are proud to be an independent LFC supplier to many well-known listed companies.  We also hold advisory roles to many domestic companies within Taiwan.

Successfully developed water-cooled electric vehicle motor shell technology, truck suspension systems, compressors, and large complex impellers.

Our outlook is now towards aerospace development through high-strength aluminum alloy manufacturing technologies.